Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Olympia


February 23

Tuesday at 12:00pm
218 Overhulse Road NW, Olympia, WA 98502

What a gloriously fun time was had by all attendees! Thank you to our Deacons and Pastor Jen for this fun and creative way to involve us all in living out the mission of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church! Here are the projects our winners chose to support through the Deacon’s Benevolence Fund:

2 Flocks of Chickens

3 shares of an Alpaca

2 shares of a Heifer

2 Food Baskets

2 Garden Gift Baskets

3 shares of a Goat

2 shares of a Sheep

1 Garden Seeds

1 share toward Biogas Stoves for a village

In total - your Benevolence Fund, which is available only through your weekly tithes and offerings, gave $460 to a community in Equador seeking to raise themselves out of poverty with the support of Heifer International and our giving.

The Mission Statement of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church is to be a Christ-centered community that Loves God, Loves Others, and Serves the World. As a participating congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Matthew 25 initiative, we seek to carry out our mission by joining others in Eradicating Systemic Poverty, Dismantling Structural Racism, and Being A Vital Congregation in our community. Heifer International (this is a link to their site if you’d like more information) is an organization who seek to lift people out of poverty, give them skills to start a business that is capable of sustaining their family, and supports our endeavor to dismantle structural racism both in the United States and abroad.