Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Olympia

Pastor Jen's Jottings

September 14

Tuesday at 09:37am
218 Overhulse Rd NW

As a person who enjoys life-long learning on a variety of subjects, I particularly enjoy learning in-depth about scriptures: from an historical, linguistic, spiritual, and social context. I have found that the most authentic understanding of a writing is to understand it (as much as possible) through the lens of the original writer: the circumstances they were facing; the time period from which they wrote; and, the people to whom they were writing. The context is where the heart, purpose, hoped for outcome, and purest intent of the writing finds its seed for propagation (telling forward the truth of the gospel). Scholars who study the scriptures are the most reliable sources of this type of information.

I encourage reading a commentary such as: The Interpreter’s Bible, Interpretation Commentary, Matthew Henry’s Commentary, John Calvin’s Commentary, or The Reformation Commentary. There is a long list of commentaries available. If you are a member of Cornerstone and would like more information, I am willing to lend you a commentary.

Matthew’s Gospel was written to the Hebrew people as an encouragement to them to place their faith in God who sent Jesus of Nazareth to be God’s promised Messiah. Matthew wrote in a particular style for this very specific purpose. His gospel is written in mirror form of the Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Old Testament in the Christian Bible): Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Matthew’s gospel is written in 5 parts as well.

My personal reflections of the previous week’s readings are updated every Tuesday. If you would care to read Jen’s Jottings from previous months, please contact me: I am happy to email you the archived materials.

May God’s Word bless and feed you this day and each day you carry these thoughts with you in mind and spirit.

Love in Christ, Pastor Jen