Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Olympia


September 16

Thursday at 11:01am
218 Overhulse Rd NW Olympia WA

The Presbytery of Olympia is a Matthew 25 Presbytery. Cornerstone Presbyterian Church is currently in process of identifying our strengths as a Matthew 25 Congregation in the Presbytery: Building a Vital Congregation, Dismantling Structural Racism, and Eradicating Systemic Poverty.

You can follow along in a study of the Gospel of Matthew on the Spiritual Practices Tab of the website carousel and read Pastor Jen’s Jottings for reflections on the week’s reading. We will read three verses each day. There are 1,071 verses in Matthew’s Gospel. Reading 3 verses each day will take 357 days and take us to Christmas Eve’ 2021. You can go to the Spiritual Practices tab of our website for the daily reading list and further ideas for engaging with the scriptures and catch Pastor Jen’s blog on the Pastor Jen’s Jottings event on the carousel for her weekly reflections.