Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Olympia


September 14

Tuesday at 09:36am
218 Overhulse Rd. NW Olympia, WA


THIS WEEK’S Gospel of Matthew READINGS:

September 14 Matthew 23:16-18

September 15 Matthew 23:19-21

September 16 Matthew 23:22-24

September 17 Matthew 23:25-27

September 18 Matthew 23:28-30

September 19 Matthew 23:31-33

September 20 Matthew 23:34-36

Suggested supplies: a writing tool, paper, or a computer notepad, art supplies, and a quiet space for reflection

Cornerstone is engaging in the study of the Gospel of Matthew this year. By reading just 3 verses a day from January 1st to December 24th you will have read through the Gospel of Matthew. Each Tuesday, the pastor will post the week’s readings here for your convenience. You are encouraged to read “Pastor Jen’s Jottings” event on the carousel for her weekly personal reflections.

In your Spiritual Practices you are encouraged each day to take 15 minutes to read the verses and do one of the following: journal, draw, pray over, act upon, find a study tool like a commentary (many are available on-line and through Biblegateway), have a conversation with another person about the reading, or simply spend time with God for yourself in the practice.

The practice of writing about your personal spiritual journey will help you to notice the Heavenly Father’s activity (the God’s hand at work) in your life. The prompting of the Holy Spirit will awaken your awareness of those places in your life and relationships that the Heavenly Father is inviting you to receive from God. The Holy Spirit enters into this space of awareness and prunes that which is not life-giving or that does not bear fruit in you, so that your life may bear abundant fruit and grow the spiritual lives of those around you.

Spiritual Journal prompt: God’s presence is constant and available to you at all times as God is “omnipresent”. God is all around you and is in you at all times. Take a moment right now to breathe in and exhale and allow the presence of your Heavenly Father to enter into your consciousness. If you are a person who does not experience an inner dialogue which is true for some people - you may find the presence of God in a mathematical concept, a physics construct, or in your surroundings. Take a moment to breathe in and out, to listen to the sound of your heart beat; to hear the crackle of the fire in your room. Write down 5 things you notice about your surroundings:

  1. what do you hear?
  2. what can you see?
  3. what taste is in your mouth?
  4. what do you smell?
  5. what is supporting your body?
  6. Where is your body touching a surface and what does that feel like?
  7. listen to the silence around you
  8. allow your mind to focus on only one subject - what was the first thing you noticed?

Take the next 5 minutes to be present with yourself, allow your thoughts to wander, visualize your favorite walk, visualize your favorite place to relax. If you are a person who experiences an inner dialogue notice the content of your current dialogue that is inviting you to notice in this moment? Write down your thoughts and any conversation you experience inside your heart, then read it again for the purpose of noticing a point in which you might be asking for healing, encouragement, growth or personal power. See it and understand this is the work of the Heavenly Father within you. The peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you today and always.

Serving Christ together in Faith, Hope, and Love and the greatest of these is LOVE ~ Pastor Jen